Dante/AES67 four-zone paging station (Attero Tech)

The Attero Tech Zip4 is a four-zone Dante/AES67 paging interface that addresses the unique communications needs of large sporting venues, transit hubs like airport terminals and train stations, as well as convention centers and corporate facilities. Paging audio and bi-directional control status data can be routed over a Dante or AES67 network to Q-SYS, third-party network AV system or other Paging Management System controllers to distribute paging audio in up to four zones.

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Key Features

  • Q-SYS Extension enables integration of existing Q-SYS PA Router functionality in Q-SYS Designer Software
  • Bi-color (red/green) Ready, Busy, and Zone Status LEDs can indicate zone and system status, driven by the PMS controller
  • A convenient rear panel switch allows the use of either dynamic or phantom powered paging microphones
  • Zip4 (2-Gang US) facilitates use with a handheld PTT mic
  • PoE capable (802.3af)
System Details  
Zone buttons Four, white backlit, each with an associated bicolor status LED. LED state is fully controlled over the network, and button state can be monitored over the network.
Ready and busy Bi-color Ready and Busy system status LEDs. LED state is full controlled over the network
Microphone/PTT input RJ-45 and side-mounted 6-pin depluggable. PTT input is dry contact, closed is active
Microphone gain +25 dB (with automatic phantom power) and +35 dB
Power over Ethernet 802.3af PoE PD compliant
Dimensions (HWD) 4.2 x 3.5 x 2 in (106.7 x 88.9 x 50.8 mm)