Dante™ Networked Audio Wall Plate (Attero Tech)

Image of unD6IO-BT

The Attero Tech unD6IO-BT Dante/AES67 audio interface with Bluetooth® is a cost-effective, multi-IO wall plate. The unD6IO-BT features stereo Bluetooth wireless audio input connectivity along with (2) RCA line level inputs and a 3.5 mm TRS line level input. A 3.5 mm TRS line level output on the front is also included. The unD6IO-BT is designed to fit into most dual-gang US junction boxes and is PoE enabled, so all connectivity (power, control and audio data) is provided by a single CAT-5e/6 cable. The wall plate’s unique mix of consumer-style wired and wireless connectivity allows easy connection to a wide variety of user devices on a Dante or AES67 network, eliminating the possibility of ground loop issues or other audio problems commonly found in consumer devices.

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Features & Benefits

Bluetooth media streaming: The unD6IO-BT wall plate is compatible with most smartphones, Apple iPads, and Android tablets, providing Bluetooth media streaming and call bridging for a wide variety of commercial applications. Control plugin allows for control and monitoring of the unD6IO-BT via native Q-SYS touch screen controller.

Bluetooth call bridging: Provides simple bridging of far-end meeting participants for on-the-fly meeting productivity and backup conference connectivity.

Q-SYS integration: A Q-SYS Extension is available for the unD6IO-BT in Q-SYS Designer Asset Manager, which enables control and monitoring via native Q-SYS touch screen controllers.

Out of the box: In addition to Bluetooth media streaming, the unD6IO-BT also features a two RCA line level inputs, one 3.5 mm line level input and one 3.5 mm line level output  – providing connectivity flexibility for any application type. The input configuration can be modified within Q-SYS or Attero Tech unIFY Control Panel software.

Details unD6IO-BT
Bluetooth® profile A2DP - Stereo audio is streamed from a Bluetooth® device and onto the Dante network. HFP (Hands Free Profile) - duplex pairing to a cell phone for call bridging
Bluetooth® range 10 m (30 ft) minimum. Typical range is 15 - 23 m (50 - 75 ft)
RCA and 3.5 mm input RF filtered line level, input source software selectable
Maximum input levels (3.5 mm / RCA): +12 dBu
Output volume range 0 dB to -60 dB in 1 dB steps, "software selectable"
3.5 mm output RF filtered line level
Maximum output level (3.5 mm) +12 dBu
Product dimensions (H × W × D) 3.54 x 4.2 x 1.88 inches (89.91 x 106.68 x 47.752 mm)
Decora wall plate (2-gang): 4.87 x 4.94 x 0.08 in (123.7 x 125.48 x 2.03 mm)
Shipping dimensions (H × W × D) 6 x 6 x 4 inches (152.4 x 152.4 x 101.6 mm)
Shipping weight 1.0 lb (0.45 kg)

All specifications are subject to change without notice.