September 5 - 7, 2022
Bombay Exhibition Center

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Q-SYS Collaboration Experience

This fully automated Q-SYS Platform demo highlights the newest products and UC Platform integration. Everyone will be talking about this one after the show!

Q-SYS Partner Integration

Learn about Q-SYS partnerships and how Q-SYS certified solutions can seamlessly scale Microsoft Teams Rooms, Google Meet or Zoom Rooms into any high-impact spaces.

Experience New Products


Q-SYS Core Nano

Built on the same foundational technology as the rest of the Q-SYS processor portfolio, the Core Nano is designed for applications with lower network channel capacity and/or targeted processing requirements. Unlock the processor's full potentials with new Q-SYS Scaling licences to accommodate specific application needs.


Q-SYS NM Series Network Microphone

The Q-SYS NM Series NM-T1 is a tabletop PoE microphone that features advanced beamforming technology with four software-configurable zones delivering optimal clarity for 360° coverage. It also offers intuitive onboard call controls and touchless muting capabilities.


Q-SYS NL Series Network Loudspeakers

The NL Series are network PoE loudspeakers that deliver optimal speech and music reproduction natively to Q-SYS. Available in three form factors (soundbar, pendant-mount and ceiling-mount) the NL Series offer similar sonic characteristics allowing you to easily mix-and-match.


Q-SYS QIO Series Network I/O Expanders

The QIO Series offers modular and easily scalable network I/O to expand your Q-SYS system capabilities and enable streamlined interoperability with non-networked audio and control devices. Each of the six models support mic/line audio I/O to control (IR, Serial or GPIO).

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