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QSControl.net Software

BASIS, RAVE and DSP devices, networked and controlled from QScontrol.net software.

Venue Manager

Venue Manager is the software component of the QScontrol.net platform. Venue Manager runs on a Windows-based PC and interfaces with BASIS, RAVE and DSP devices to control and monitor a network audio system. Venue Manager also contains:

  • QSCreator - offers custom graphical interfaces that can control any aspect of a sound system.
  • Notifier - monitors your devices, and when selected events occur, alerts can be sent by Email or Telnet to the recipients that you define

Providing access to real-time parameters for every device on the network, Venue Manager gives users the ability to monitor and build a log of system events, thereby making it easier to identify potential problems and stop them before they occur. Extensive system-wide features found within Venue Manager include:

  •  Design and view an entire system offline without the need for hardware
  • Load your entire system design into all of the online devices with a single mouse command
    • Two modes: Design and Live (both look and feel identical)
    • Easily switch back and forth between the modes as often as you like
    • Update either mode with new settings via a single mouse click
  • All of the devices on a network can be discovered with a single mouse click instead of entering each IP address manually.
  • A Global Preset is a collection of Configs, Snapshots, and Master Levels that can be recalled simultaneously across all devices
  • Reconfigure an entire system with the click of a mouse
  • Can include any number of parameters in the system (from one to all)
  • Recall Global Presets from remote contact closures or logic signals
  • Recall from front panel of BASIS
  • Master Controls for the entire venue
  • A single Master can access any number of similar slaves, from any number of device
  • Configurations that are saved to the archives can be accessed from any venue.

QSCreator is hosted inside our Venue Manager system set up software to facilitate custom control panel creations. Control panels with a custom look and feel are designed by selecting from an extensive library of faders, knobs, buttons, meters, indicators and graphic tools. Once a control screen design has been developed, QSCreator can be established as the only software required for system operations, preventing accidental adjustments or unauthorized tampering and keeping the control template as easy-to-use as possible.

The QSControl.net platform is inherently able to provide DSP, amplifier and loud-speaker management, plus CobraNet™ digital signal transport. While it is possible to do the same thing by combining products from other manufacturers, QSControl.net provides this capability in a single hardware unit. Fast, reliable, and featuring rock-solid performance backed by the unrivaled service and support QSC has built its reputation on, the technology of QSControl.net brings seamless integrity to countless applications.