High-Power, 12-inch 2-way, 90˚ conical DMT™

  • Hero front view of a black in color AP-5122
  • Hero front view of a white in color AP-5122
  • Hero back and side view of a black in color AP-5122
  • Hero back and side view of a white in color AP-5122

Array of new Q-SYS PL Series speakers including line array, subs, and loudspeakers

This product has been discontinued. Please check with your Q-SYS regional sales representative for remaining stock availability.

Consider the PL Series performance loudspeakers as a replacement:

  • PL-DC: two-way, passive point source loudspeakers with directivity control that deliver premium sound for a broad range of venue types
  • PL-CA: two-way, full-range coaxial loudspeakers that offer wide, symmetrical coverage in a compact enclosure
  • PL-SUB: passive, installation subwoofers that feature a weatherized wooden enclosure in a compact form factor suited for a broad range of applications


  • Directivity Matched Transition® (DMT) ensures smooth, coherent power response across the listening plane
  • 3” diaphragm compression delivers a clean and powerful high frequency response
  • M10 fittings and yoke mount fittings offer flexible deployment options for a variety of applications
  • Clean industrial design with unadorned grilles complement most decors and settings
  • NL4 Speakon connector and covered barrier strip terminals
  • Bi-amp / passive switchable
  • Constructed from 15-ply Baltic birch plywood
  • 16-gauge powder coated steel grilles
  • Available in black (RAL 9011) and white (RAL 9010)
  • Complete EASE, CAD & BIM information available online
  • Can also be used as a high-power cinema surround
Frequency response (-10 dB) 48 Hz - 18 kHz
Rated noise power / voltage1 550 watts / 60 volts rms
Broadband sensitivity2 95 dB SPL
Coverage angle 90˚ conical DMT™
Directivity factor (Q) 6.0
Directivity index (DI) 7.8
Recommended crossover 950 Hz, 48 dB/octave
Maximum SPL at 1 m (passive) 122 dB continuous3
128 dB peak4
Rated impedance
HF transducer 76 mm (3-inch) voice coil, compression driver;
72 W / 24 V (2 hours)
LF transducer 305 mm (12-inch) driver with 102 mm (4-inch) voice coil;
550 W / 60 V (2 hours)
Optional accessories AP-YM12 Yoke mount 
M10 Kit-W
Enclosure details  
Input connector Covered barrier strip, NL4 connector 
Enclosure material 15-ply Baltic birch plywood 
Attachment points Fifteen M10 threaded inserts
Color Black (RAL 9011), White (RAL 9010)
Grille 16-gauge powder coated steel
Dimensions (HWD) inches 26 × 15 × 13
Dimensions (HWD) mm 660 x 381 x 330
Net weight 65 lb / 29.5 kg

Two hour rating using IEC60268 noise based on minimum impedance 
2 Mid-band based on nominal impedance; 2.83 V at 1 m 
3 Calculated as the nominal sensitivity plus 10× the log of continuous rated power in volts squared divided by nominal impedance 
4 Calculated as the continuous calculated max output plus 6 dB

All specifications are subject to change without notice.