An exciting collection of new product launches and Ecosystem updates will be met with a unique focus on you, our customers.

We’ll spotlight key customers from around the globe who are redefining what’s possible with our Platform and how, in turn, Q-SYS is actively shaping the Platform / Ecosystem to face our customers’ realtime challenges.

April 5, 2023 (US/EMEA)

April 6, 2023 (APAC)*

*This session will be held on the Zoom platform


Select one of the following webinar options:


APAC Session (April 6)

10am HKT / 11am JST / 12pm AEST

New Solutions

New Q-SYS Video Product

Unveiling one of the most customer-requested expansions in our platform’s history.

Software Feature Launches

Massive feature expansions to Q-SYS Core lineup, new control integrations, and a glimpse into the Q-SYS Reflect Enterprise Manager roadmap.

Customer-Based Innovation

New case studies showing some of the hottest installation trends from around the globe.

Ecosystem Updates

Q-SYS Partner announcements coupled with an overview of our ever-growing partner ecosystem.

Speak with Q-SYS Experts

In addition to live chats during the main event, join any number of live breakout sessions to deeper on any of the event’s announcements.

Want to rewatch?

Catch up on past Q-SYS launch events.


Q-SYS is software – September 2022

This launch introduced several Q-SYS software innovations, including the Q-SYS vCore virtualized processor and accompanying Q-SYS Control Feature License for vCore, the Q-SYS Core 610 network I/O COTS processor and accompanying Q-SYS Core 610 Scaling license, as well as the AV Bridging Feature License. Plus innovative case studies, more about the Q-SYS Technology Partner Program and Professional Services programming and deployment services (for US only).


Activate Winter – February 2022

With over 15 new model introductions, this launch showcased new Q-SYS hardware and software innovations including the first Q-SYS network microphone, Q-SYS NM Series, the NL Series PoE network loudspeakers, QIO Series of network audio & control I/O expansions, AcousticDesign™ Series Direct Weather Landscape loudspeakers, as well as Q-SYS scaling feature licenses to expand capabilities of your Q-SYS Core processors.


Activate 2021 – November 2021

Learn about the Q-SYS methodology, discover the new NC Series Network Conference Cameras and TSC Series Gen 3 Touch Screen Controllers and celebrate the introduction of new Google, Zoom and Microsoft Teams certifications as well as the introduction of QSC Professional Services.


One More Core – January 2021

Discover the re-imagined NV-32-H (Core Capable) native network video distribution endpoint, in addition to the existing ‘Peripheral Mode’ and receive get a quick overview of the rest of the Q-SYS processing lineup.

An Ecosystem Expanded – October 2020

This launch event introduces the revolutionary new Q-SYS Core Nano processor for smaller-scale installations, and the versatile new Q-SYS 8 Flex processor, geared toward accommodating a wide range of installation types.