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NV-21-HU: Introduction

The new Q-SYS NV-21-HU is a two-input, one-output endpoint with support for HDMI and USB-C. It simplifies installation with a single-cable solution for video distribution, AV bridging and device charging via USB-C.

NV-21-HU: Single Cable Solution

With a single USB-C connection to the NV-21-HU enables a user’s device to distribute video formats up to 4K60 4:4:4 via Q-SYS Shift™ video codec, integrate Q-SYS video camera and audio and charge their device simultaneously.

NV-21-HU: Encoder or Decoder

The NV-21-HU is software-configurable as an encoder or decoder and offers the ability to operate in either HDMI or USB-C mode, supporting a broader range of user devices without adapters or converters.

NM-T1 Microphone Now Shipping

The first native Q-SYS beamforming microphone is an ideal addition to any collaboration space. With the release of Q-SYS Designer Software v9.7 you can start integrating into any Q-SYS design.

SPA-Q Series

The Q-SYS SPA-Qf 60x2 and SPA-Qf 60x4 network amplifiers offer two-channel and four-channel options, with 60 W per channel, available GPIO for control and two FLEX channel. These are ideal to pair with the smaller Q-SYS Core processors. 

Core 8 Flex & Core Nano with Peripheral Mode

Deploy either the Core 8 Flex or Core Nano as an AV Bridging device while the Core 8 Flex provides added flexibility with the addition of onboard flex audio I/O and GPIO. (Peripheral Mode for Core 110f now available in Q-SYS Designer Software v9.8)

NV-32-H (Core Capable) Video Streaming Licenses

Add video encoding and decoding right onto you NV-32-H Core Capable, creating an incredible versatile, self-contained processor and video streaming device in one!

Q-SYS Reflect Enterprise Manager

Q-SYS Reflect Enterprise Manager now offers Q-SYS Design backup in Q-SYS Designer Software v9.7.



Zoom Control Features Coming Soon

Zoom recently demoed some features they are about to beta for Zoom Rooms, which includes Q-SYS User Control Interfaces. Zoom is looking for beta users to test new features and provide feedback prior to general availability. If interested, please fill out this form.


VolteoEdge Integration

With the integration of VolteoEdge in Q-SYS Reflect Enterprise Manager, customers can integrate their Q-SYS system into ServiceNow with all their other IT workflows including accessing robust reporting and dashboards.


Q-SYS Developer Partner Program

New program drives growth and innovation by supporting technology integration development on behalf of Q-SYS Technology Partners.


Q-SYS Technology Partner Program

Optimize your Q-SYS system with a growing list of fully vetted and endorsed integrations from Q-SYS Technology Partners.

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Catch up on past Q-SYS launch events.


Q-SYS is software – September 2022

This launch introduced several Q-SYS software innovations, including the Q-SYS vCore virtualized processor and accompanying Q-SYS Control Feature License for vCore, the Q-SYS Core 610 network I/O COTS processor and accompanying Q-SYS Core 610 Scaling license, as well as the AV Bridging Feature License. Plus innovative case studies, more about the Q-SYS Technology Partner Program and Professional Services programming and deployment services (for US only).


Activate Winter – February 2022

With over 15 new model introductions, this launch showcased new Q-SYS hardware and software innovations including the first Q-SYS network microphone, Q-SYS NM Series, the NL Series PoE network loudspeakers, QIO Series of network audio & control I/O expansions, AcousticDesign™ Series Direct Weather Landscape loudspeakers, as well as Q-SYS scaling feature licenses to expand capabilities of your Q-SYS Core processors.


Activate 2021 – November 2021

Learn about the Q-SYS methodology, discover the new NC Series Network Conference Cameras and TSC Series Gen 3 Touch Screen Controllers and celebrate the introduction of new Google, Zoom and Microsoft Teams certifications as well as the introduction of QSC Professional Services.


One More Core – January 2021

Discover the re-imagined NV-32-H (Core Capable) native network video distribution endpoint, in addition to the existing ‘Peripheral Mode’ and receive get a quick overview of the rest of the Q-SYS processing lineup.

An Ecosystem Expanded – October 2020

This launch event introduces the revolutionary new Q-SYS Core Nano processor for smaller-scale installations, and the versatile new Q-SYS 8 Flex processor, geared toward accommodating a wide range of installation types.