Q-SYS UK Experience Center

Q-SYS House, Egham, is just 10 minutes from Heathrow Airport and 30 minutes from central London, and will offer customers a hands-on experience of the Q-SYS audio, video & control Platform and Ecosystem.


Take a Journey Through Q-SYS

At this location, visitors can take a journey through Q-SYS in 4 unique spaces  

  • Collaboration – See how Q-SYS can transform any collaboration space with Q-SYS enabled multicamera switching (using ACPR plugin) to provide a more seamless experience for remote users.
  • Divisible Space – This interactive demo shows how Q-SYS can remove the complexity by managing room combining and automation, which can be customized to the needs of the space.   
  • High-Impact Space – Transform a high-impact space into a full broadcast-ready room for lecture theatres, cinema or presentation spaces.
  • Remote Monitoring & Management – See how Q-SYS Reflect Enterprise Manager can easily monitor your entire AV system from anywhere in the world, including connected third-party peripherals.  

Training Center

The new state-of-the-art training center can hold up to 9 people and offers hands-on Q-SYS Training delivered by our knowledgeable and talented staff.  

Students can take renowned Q-SYS Training courses including: 

Deep Dive into Q-SYS

In our Tech Zone you can deep dive into specific projects and understand how the
Q-SYS Platform and Ecosystem of partners can help achieve customer needs.

To schedule a visit of the UK Experience Center,
contact your Q-SYS sales representative today!

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