Q-SYS Launches Major Update to Q-SYS Reflect Cloud-Based Monitoring and Management System

Pricing and feature tier optimization to drive better outcomes for Q-SYS customers

COSTA MESA, Calif., (June 10, 2024) – [ES, ZH] – Q-SYS, a division of QSC LLC., is pleased to announce a significant update to Q-SYS Reflect. Now an intrinsic part of the Q-SYS Platform, users have access to robust cloud-based monitoring and management capabilities, including new features and pricing structure allowing for easier deployment and scalability. By adding comprehensive monitoring into a full stack AV platform, customers can harness the exponential power of AI, data and a cloud-manageable architecture of Q-SYS. 

Q-SYS Reflect offers features such as real-time health monitoring to every connected Q-SYS system, including data for all connected Q-SYS products and third-party devices, to ensure maximum system uptime and performance. It also offers customizable real-time alerts with email and messaging integration to ensure the right notifications in your daily workflow. With this addition, users now have a full stack AV platform to proactively assess and maintain an entire AV infrastructure for enhanced decision-making and automation across all AV application and vertical markets tying into a broader IT environment.  

Q-SYS Reflect Plus expands on the standard features of Q-SYS Reflect by providing optional enterprise-level remote system management and control capabilities. It allows administrators to directly assist users and systems from any web browser, quickly getting systems up and running. In addition, it offers the ability to configure and adjust system settings remotely, deploy firmware updates, manage files and connect Q-SYS system data to your IT management platforms via the Q-SYS Reflect API for a single-pane-of-glass view into your entire infrastructure. Finally, the pricing structure for Q-SYS Reflect Plus has been reengineered based on the number of Q-SYS systems (rather than connected devices), simplifying the users’ ability to expand the system when necessary. 

“We are excited to roll out this improved Q-SYS Reflect offering with features that can drive better outcomes and a pricing structure that makes sense for how our customers do business,” says David Judy, Director, Cloud & Control Product Strategy, Q-SYS. “This provides users with the tools they need to stay ahead of the curve with their systems and adapt to the evolving demands of the AV landscape."    

To learn more about the new features of Q-SYS Reflect, please visit: qsys.com/reflect 

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