Q-SYS Expands Network I/O Peripherals and Touchscreen Paging Station

Enhance communication efficiency with seamless integration and intuitive control functionalities

COSTA MESA, Calif., (June 11, 2024) [Zh, Es] - Q-SYS, a division of QSC LLC, introduces the latest additions to its product portfolio: QIO-FLEX4A, QIO-LVR4 network I/O expanders, and PS-TSCG3 Touchscreen Paging Station kit. These new offerings expand connectivity and control options for a broad range of applications.

As part of the Q-SYS QIO Series, the QIO-FLEX4A features audio and control I/O in a consolidated network peripheral. It offers four Flex audio channels, GPIO and RS232 serial port to integrate control of third-party peripherals, and two amplifier outputs for compact loudspeakers. Meanwhile, QIO-LVR4 offers four contact closure relays to enable simple control integration of third-party lighting systems, motorized shades, and more.

The PS-TSCG3 Touchscreen Paging Station kit pairs with the TSC-G3 Series touchscreen and the robust Q-SYS Control engine to enable live paging, pre-recorded message playback, and seamless background music (BGM) management. With its modernized user interface and intuitive controls, it offers a streamlined user experience across transportation, education, hospitality, entertainment, and beyond. This page station solution is available as either a desktop model (PS-TSCG3-G) with a gooseneck microphone and push-to-talk button, or a wall-mount model (PS-TSCG3-H) with a handheld microphone and push-to-talk button.

"By introducing the new solutions, Q-SYS reaffirms our commitment to providing solutions that address industry needs while continuously refreshing our product offerings and serving commercial and entertainment applications,” says TJ Adams, Vice President, Systems Product Strategy and Development, Q-SYS.

For more information on the QIO Series network I/O products and the PS-TSCG3 paging peripheral, visit qsys.com/qio and qsys.com/paging.

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