We prioritize human rights and labor standards in our business and supply chain, ensuring compliance with anti-slavery legislation and the International Labor Organization. The company values diversity and inclusion, offering resources for employee well-being and development, and is committed to ethical employment practices and environmental sustainability in our supply chain. We also support charitable causes through our QSC Cares Program.

Human Rights

We are committed to upholding human rights and labor standards in all aspects of our business and supply chain. We prohibit modern slavery, which encompasses various forms of exploitation, and comply with anti-slavery legislative actions. Additionally, we strive to comply with all state and federal employment laws, do not use child labor or associate with entities that support this conduct, and to create a positive and productive workplace where all employees are treated with respect and dignity and harassment or mistreatment is strictly prohibited.

Labor Practices

We are committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for all employees. We offer a comprehensive safety program that includes regular inspections, employee training, personal protective equipment, and strict enforcement of safety policies.

Community Involvement & Development

The QSC Cares Program is committed to supporting communities through charitable giving programs. Our employees participate in selecting charitable focus areas and the company provides up to 8 hours per calendar year of paid time off for US employees to volunteer. The program supports various charitable causes such as the American Diabetes Association, Orange County United Way, Spark of Love Toy Drive, and Children's Hospital of Orange Country (CHOC), among others. Additionally, we regularly sponsor international giving campaigns.

Our Suppliers

Our Supplier Code requires our suppliers to engage in ethical employment practices, including no forced labor, slavery or human trafficking; it also requires compliance with international conventions on working age and discrimination. We also prioritize workplace safety, privacy, anti-bribery, and environmental sustainability. Our largest suppliers have signed the code, and we request all new suppliers to do the same.