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Q-SYS UC Compute Bundle

Q-SYS UC Controller displaing conference room controlls, next to a Q-SYS UC Compute (Lenovo ThinkSmart Core)

The Q-SYS UC Compute Bundle for Microsoft Teams Rooms is a Certified for Teams solution that brings together Lenovo room compute solutions with Q-SYS audio, video, and control to provide a highly scalable and seamless user experience. It includes a Q-SYS UC Compute (Lenovo ThinkSmart Core) which hosts Microsoft Teams Rooms, and a Q-SYS UC Controller (Lenovo 10.1-inch CAT-extended controller) that provides UC call control and AV room control on a single device.

What’s also included:

Q-SYS Microsoft Teams Room Integration Feature License

  • Optimizes Q-SYS Control integration for a single room’s Microsoft Teams Rooms system (4x User Control Interfaces and 8x plugins/scripts) on any Q-SYS Core with one license SKU
  • Extend the control capabilities for more complex spaces when multiple compute bundles are deployed, and feature licenses can be combined

1-Year of IT
Deployment Support

  • Gives customers access to IT support experts for deployment of Q-SYS + Lenovo UC solutions

Choose from the largest portfolio of Microsoft Teams Rooms certified devices

Design and optimize your Teams Rooms experience in high-impact spaces by choosing from a wide selection of Teams-certified audio, video, and control solutions, including Q-SYS Partner devices.

Array of Q-SYS devices, including Speakers, microphones and in-rack hardware
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