Confidently Extend the Zoom Rooms Experience into High-Impact Spaces

High-impact spaces such as boardrooms, divisible rooms, training rooms and auditoriums are critical to your collaboration culture, and to the success of your hybrid or dispersed teams. Zoom and Q-SYS have a years-long trusted partnership in high-impact spaces and together we maximize these traditionally challenging spaces, extending the simplicity of Zoom services. With an audio, visual and control solution that enables Zoom Rooms in the spaces where you need it, Q-SYS delivers the immersive user experience you expect.   

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Simple Connectivity

Connect your Zoom Rooms compute device to Q-SYS with a single USB connection to unlock the power of Q-SYS audio, video, and control processing. 

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Harness the Power of Q-SYS Control

Emulate the Zoom Rooms call control experience alongside a fully customizable AV environment, including room automation, proper room-state lighting and display control. 

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Automatic Multi-Camera Switching

Q-SYS uses the power of the network to allow you to use as many Q-SYS network conference cameras to a space and enables live switching between the cameras while delivering a singular camera feed to your Zoom meeting.  

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Remote Monitoring and Management

Check Q-SYS system health, support the Q-SYS user control interface from anywhere, and monitor the status of any connected Zoom Rooms compute device with Q-SYS Reflect Enterprise Manager. 

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Purpose-built for Your Space

Incorporate Zoom certified Q-SYS devices and deliver the ideal audio, video, and control experience for your high-impact spaces. 

Featured News

Side view of a Bentley University Buidling

Q-SYS enhances the teaching and learning experience at Bentley University 

See how Q-SYS helped enable hybrid learning environments with Zoom services as the conferencing application of choice at Bentley University.  

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Q-SYS tackles Medallia larger meeting room spaces 

Q-SYS provides Medallia a scalable, IT-friendly approach to audio, video, and control that allows simple Zoom services integration into their larger meeting spaces.

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Rethinking Meeting Equity 

Think beyond the in-room experience to immerse remote attendees, encourage participation and create an amazing far-end culture. 


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Learn how you can enable a richer control experience with Q-SYS Control for Zoom Rooms

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A discussion on how you can optimize your spaces for collaboration

Q-SYS Control for Zoom Rooms

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The Q-SYS Control for Zoom Rooms app available on the Zoom App Marketplace enhances the Zoom Rooms Controller already deployed in-room with the ability to display a Q-SYS User Control Interface (UCI). UCIs provide fully customizable room controls of devices and services connected to the Q-SYS Core Processor including displays, lighting, shades, and HVAC in addition to audio and video peripherals. The Q-SYS Control app works on certified Zoom Room Controllers that support Zoom Rooms apps. For more information on how to setup the Q-SYS Control App, please view the setup guide here.

Q-SYS also supports Zoom Rooms Native Controls as an additional avenue to enable room controls. Q-SYS simplifies the process of configuring controls for these types of devices with an extensive selection of third-party device plugins. A sample design file can be downloaded from Q-SYS Designer Asset Manager.

Confidently Extend the Zoom Rooms Experience into High-Impact Spaces

Flexible Rooms for the Future

Q-SYS Solutions for Zoom Rooms pair Q-SYS audio and video accessories with a Zoom Rooms compute device to deliver a fully networked and manageable AV&C networked infrastructure via single USB connection, while offering the flexibility to expand and
manage your investment into a variety of high-impact spaces, while maintaining a consistent user experience.

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Solutions Overview Guides

Provides an introduction to Q-SYS devices for your Zoom Rooms, based on room type.

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Solutions Application Guides

Use these guides to walk you through integrating Q-SYS and Zoom Rooms while adhering to best practices.

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Q-SYS + Zoom for Courtroom Applications

Set up, commission and inventory your Zoom-based courtroom using this resource

Courtroom Applications with Zoom

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